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Particpants 2015
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Particpants 2015


Les groupes taiko qui participent en 2015

suivre sur la page Facebook "Wake Up Drums"

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Wake Up Drumer 1 Seiwa Taiko 西和太鼓 in Spain
Our warm-hearted partner since 2013 !西和太鼓/208735352547170?sk=info&tab=page_info

Wake Up Drumer 2 Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre Daiko in Singapore
Only one asia group who continue this movement since 2013 !

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Wake Up Drumer 3 Mountain River Taiko in US
This is 2nd time to participate !

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Wake Up Drummer 4 Taiko Zurich in Swiss
the 2nd paricipation too !

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Wake Up Drummer 5 Aber Taiko in UK
This is the 2nd times !

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Wake Up Drummer 6 Taiko Hungary in Hungary
This is the first time, Welcome on board !!

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Wake Up Drummer 7 Kagemusha Taiko in England
for the first time too, Great !!

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Wake Up Drummer 8 Atena daiko in Greece
Only and new groupe taiko in Atena. Welcome !

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Wake Up Drummer 9 Wan in France
Special guest, he is not Taiko ka but Hang player. Three sounds wille be more delicate and bring another force to wake up our potentiel !!!!!

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Wake Up Drummer 10 Kaminari UK Taiko
It’s the first time for them too.

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Wake Up Drummer 11 Kaito Taiko in Brasil
Onliy one countury of south america !

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Wake Up Drummer 12 Kobuyanagi in Netherland
Welcome on board !!

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Wake Up Drummer 13 Wadaiko Rindo in Australia
Welcome on board too !!

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Wake Up Drummer 14 Takarabune in Japan
They are a great Awa Odori group. They will play 3 sounds too

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Wake Up Drummer 14 Tenrin Daiko in Japan
Japanese Taiko group ! Welcome !!

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